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28 April 2011 Stafford Visitors

 We were made up to see some old friends make their way to the Davida stand during the recent Classic Bike Show at Stafford April 23rd - 24th.

We've known Dick for more than 17 years. Not to let the re-opening of the Ace Cafe in 1994 go unrecorded we shot down there with a small crew to do a photoshoot. A few photos we took of Dick and his wife, Marie on that day became firm favourites in the Davida Image Database.  Pictured here with Sue our Financial Controller, Dick now has Baron Speedshop in Croydon and has always had a hands on approach to motorcycling as you can see from the image we took of of him and wife Marie at the Ace Cafe in 1994.

28 April 2011 Scottish 6 Day Trials

Marking its Centenary, 1911- 2011, the Scottish 6 Day Trials takes place in and around Fort Willam between May 2nd - 7th.

Here is the bike John Preston will be taking to the Scottish ,this machine won the premier sidcar award in 1950 and he is running it in the Centenary run over the Mamore road for Kinlockleven to Fort William on Sunday 1 May. John is rider no 4 with his daughter Daisy in the sidecar. Daisy is 16 and has had a special Davida helmet made for the occassion. This picture is the Connel Ferry Bridge near Oban circ 1950.

Davida was at the Pre 65 Trial. see more images

On Sunday 29th May 100 bikes will take on a route of 100 miles to celebrate 100 years of the Scottish Six Days Trial.  It's a day that is not to be missed for any SSDT enthusiast.

12 April 2011 Hyde moped madness

Former motorcycle sprinter and drag racer Norman Hyde has completed one of the slowest rides of his career in his bid to raise £2500 in aid of Help for Heroes. Norman, who broke several world speed records on Triumph motorcycles in the Sixties and seventies, joined members of the Triumph Trident Owners Club who are entered the John O'Groats to Lands End run on a 50cc Easy Rider moped Built by Norton-Villers-Triumph in the 1970's.

Hyde rode in the penultimate section from Ross-on-Wye in Herefordshire to Thornbury near Bristol, a distance of 50 miles, which he covered in just over two hours.  An impressive feat considering that maximum speed was 50mph (downhill with a tail wind – riding into a head wind top speed dropped to 8 mph!

1 April 2011 Breaking Point in The USA, Daytona Beach Bike Week

 "I was just over in Florida for Bike Week and I always wear my pudding from Davida. I've sent a couple over last year, at least 4 people want them with facemasks. The rules say you don't have to wear a lid & so many don't, but my guys like to wear a good lid, just to be different & for safety, the joke helmets they wear are just that.... A joke!!" Kindest regards

Dek, Davida Dealer in Aberdeen http://www.breakingpoint.co.uk

8 December 2010 The New and Very Useful JPV Visor from D4Vi9A

This visor transforms the open face riding experience. Made with a preformed bubble-shaped polycarbonate visor riveted to a slim stainless steel rim which is backed with high density foam to prevent damage to helmet paintwork. This unit is attached to a elasticated headband which is secured in the goggle retainer. No studs are required. The distinctive ‘Fighter Pilot’ shape is reminiscent of the first detachable visor created for the early pilots of the 1960’s Jet aircraft.

Secured to the helmet using an elasticated headband rather than traditional studs and because the shape of the preformed polycarbonate lens is attached to a sprung stainless steel rim, the visor follows exactly the curvature of the helmet. Together these features allows the visor to sit neatly in the up position without creating any annoying noises from turbulence and will not catch the wind and fly off. It can then be easily pushed down into position over the eyes when required

An indispensible visor  the D4Vi9A 75 JPV 1 Visor creates a resilient aerodynamic shield  preventing  penetrating wind and rain . In addition, the smoke and mirror options are equally useful as a screen against glare from the sun. The 75 JPV 1 Visor is a good alternative to the more traditional option of goggles or fixed wrap around visors and can be used in conjunction with sunglasses or spectacles.

Designed to be strong and durable the headband is made with double width elastic held within a strong sheath and is capable of being held within the helmets goggle retainer. More information and images can be found here

Visor and headband are not adjustable or replaceable.

This visor is not approved to any current road safety standard and its use is entirely at the risk of the user. We advise customers to check legality of the visor in their country or region prior to use.

8 November 2010 Bill Swallow racing The Manx Grand Prix in his Davida Jet

 This is Bill Swallow at Ballaugh Bridge racing his Aermacchi in the 2002 Junior Classic Manx Grand Prix.
" Whilst at school,  in 1968 I raced a 500cc Velocette, which I feel off at Goosenecks in front of my mum ! Built my own frame for the Velo in 1971 and kept racing it untill 1975. Bought a featherbed Manx R, chassis and gearbox and raced until 1988. In 1986 I won 1st in the Manx GP on a 350cc Honda and since won 8 more.Won National Classic Bike Championship on the Velocette in 1986. I am still the fastest person ever on the TT Course on 250/350 and 500cc single cyclinder bikes. I always reckoned I rode harder in an open face and goggles-you can get your head down. My Davida Jet is so comfortable, more flexible...the lightness and quality of the leather lining !". This image came from www.fottofinders.co.uk

26 October 2010 Thank you Davida for sponsoring me on the 2010 Mongol Rally.

 Earlier this year, Charlie contacted us with a request for a Davida helmet for his trip in his Mini going  to Mongolia. This is his report.

The trip itself was quite a tale. The journey through Europe saw a few incidences of overheating resulting in the radiator/heater being bled, the thermostat modified with the help of a fire engine and careful driving only to find out that the temperature sensor was the problem. Ukraine was an interesting country and as we drove through the countryside things slowly started feeling less like home. We managed to do a bit of sightseeing in Kiev and said good bye to my first co-driver and picked up my second. Ukraine culminated in being fined 1km from the border for having too many lights on the mini!

Then it was into Russia where we travelled through the massive industrial city of Volgograd, drove over a pontoon bridge and had a little too much of the local Vodka. By this point the temperature had risen and carried on rising. We entered Kazakhstan and soon found ourselves surrounded by desert. It was here that 13 days into the journey things went rather bad. A muffled noise and the smell of burning rubber saw us pull onto the hard shoulder (of sorts) and we discovered that a rear radius arm had snapped in two! Not something that you carry as a spare. We managed to get the part welded with the help of some locals and fellow ralliers that stopped to help but the welding equipment and the condition of the arm meant that it wouldn’t be able to cope with the rest of the trip. At this point it was 2am and things were again not looking good until two passing Kazakh brothers stopped to help. They came back the next day with a flatbed trailer and the mini (minus the two scorpions that had found a home under it during the night) was taken to their house.

We ordered a new arm which was flown out (thanks to Mini Spares for coming to our rescue) and were very kindly put up by the Kazakh family that rescued us. Further bad luck struck as the part was held by customs and the part ended up taking a full week to get to us. By the time we received it we had to make the difficult decision not to head on to Mongolia as we no longer had enough time to make it to the finish line safely. We therefore headed back via the Red square in Moscow, Lithuania, Latvia and the rest of Europe completing 7,500 miles in total. Not the outcome we wanted but an amazing experience and not something we will forget.

Theminiforum2mongolia managed to raise approximately £2,500 for Mongolian charities and Macmillan Cancer Support. You help made this possible and is very much appreciated.

Thanks again,

  • Charlie Milner (and team members)


  • 15 October 2010 MC Piston, Colombres Rally, Picos De Europa, Spain - 7th -11th Oct 2010


    More than 600 riders on Pre-1980 machines joined this years MC Pistons, Colombres Rally in the Picos De Europa, a truly beautiful mountainous region in Northern Spain. An educated guess would put the split at one third Pre 1950, one third 1960’s – 1970’s and remaining 200 machines  at 1970’s-1980’s.

    Undoubtedly the big event of this rally is the 5,000 Curvas – a 300 plus mile run covering just about every apex in the national park.  Taking most riders more than 8 hours to complete, less than 150 riders took it on. For his efforts Martin Ingram from the UK won the 5,000 Curvas prize –a special Colombres Rally Special Davida Jet Helmet.

    No-one rides like there is a pile of gravel lurking behind every hair-pin bend and with such a vast area being covered on the 5,000 Curvas, there was bound to be a few spills, and with that some ingenious road-side repairs. At about the 200 mile mark, one gravel pit caught a few out including a BMW rider who took a large chunk out of the section of the rocker box cover which scrapped the deck. The hole began bleeding oil rapidly. Fellow riders turned the rocker box cover around 180 degrees so the hole was on the top edge, not bottom edge of the cylinder. A cork found in a pocket was held in the hole with some spare wire and he crossed the finish line a 100 miles or so later. The repair was expected to last the ride back to the UK.

    I also met this particular pile of gravel. Luckily I stayed on by entering and following the drainage ditch on the opposite side of the road for about 30 feet and then bouncing the bike out the ditch at the next hair-pin bend. I counted that as 1 life lost.

    The runs on the other days where much more sedate as we followed the smell of 2 strokes through the mountains and admiring the views. If you’ve got £500 to spend on a riding holiday MC Pistons Colombres Rally is worth considering.



    8 September 2010 Or Glory - 21st Century Rockers

    Internationally renowned photographer, Horst A. Friedrichs was born in Frankfurt in 1966. He studied photography in Munich and has worked as a freelance photojournalist for a number of magazines including The New York Times, Geo and Stern. In 2008, he received the prestigious Lead Award for Best Reportage Photography of the Year. He has published a number of books including the best-selling I'm One: 21st Century Mods (Prestel). Friedrichs lives in London.

    With their tattoos, leather jackets, slicked-back hair, and beloved British motorbikes - BSAs, Triumphs, Nortons, and Royal Enfields - Rockers are the nemesis and antithesis of the fastidiously groomed Mods. Elvis, James Dean, and Marlon Brando made rocker style synonymous with rebellion, sparking a global cult. Friedrichs follows the British rocker tribe as its members congregate in parking lots, pubs, cafes, dance and pool halls, as well as huge gatherings at Jacks Hill and the Ace Cafe. Alternating between rich, vibrant colour and gritty black and white, these photographs capture a spirit of unapologetic defiance in clothing as well as attitude, every bit as strong today as it was sixty years ago. Trenchant and revealing commentary from Friedrichs' subjects sheds light on the impulses, yearnings, and motivations of this enduring international rebel chic subculture.



    The book will launched in September at the Brighton Burn Up at Lewis Leathers, where copies of the book will be on. The shop will also be hosting a gallery of some of Horst’s original photographs from the book until the end of September; Lewis Leathers is located at 3-5 Whitfield Street, London W1T 2SA, Tel: 020 7636 4314, opening times are: 11am to 6pm Monday to Friday.

    7 September 2010 Davida Brochures On-Line

    Although everything seems to be digital these days we still prefer to have our product range available in print. However, all our brochures can now be viewed on line as well.  Don't worry by clicking here it won't start a huge download but just an online digital view of the full range of Davida brochures.

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