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11 April 2012 Ian Bain -Winner at Red Marley Hill Climb, April 9th 2012

 Ian Bain (Rider) & Geoff Bain admiring their winning bike on Sunday's very wet Red Marley Hill Climb  Monday 9th April.  He said "it's one of those things you don't get a second shot at from the line. ....its a really fast bike this Greaves Hawkstone". He races this weekend in the British Historic Racing 14th April on his Norton check it out. Anyone who got some photos on Sunday let us know we where out riding this weekend so missed this event it sounded great. I took these photos Tuesday night at the workshop obviously after a lot of hosing down of the bike. Fid The Lid     

11 April 2012 Geof Bain Norton - British Historic Race - Mallory Park 15th April

 Geoff Bain preparing  the Norton Engine for Sundays British Historic Race at Mallory Park.   Beautiful stuff.  It's a short week lots to do.      Fid The Lid

3 April 2012 Speed Demon by Mark Fairhurst

Another brilliant image taken by Photographer and Motorcyclist Mark Fairhurst for Guvnors Assembly,  a bicycle forum for gentlemen. Mark portraiture of the rich and famous, including the English Royality, Aristocracy, Intelligencia, as well as Business and Sporting Celebrities, speaks for itself.

28 March 2012 An Affair Of The Heart From The Very Beginning

This beautiful Ducati 125cc Bialbero, starting life as Fabio Taglionis  prototype Grand Prix Racer circa 1956, has been recently restored by Hugo Gallina of Vintage Italian Restorations, and described by owner Jack Silverman as ‘ ...an affair of the heart from the very beginning ‘.

This image, taken by Jose Gallina, Hugos' son,  is of Jack Silverman riding his newly restored Bialbero on its first outing at the Corsa Moto Classica in August 2011 held at Willow Springs Raceway, USA. It came first.

We are frequently asked to contribute to precious or uncompromising projects, and here Jack obviously needed the right riding gear . We recreated for him the red and white concentric ring design on the Davida Classic Helmet - the historic racing colours of the 125cc Ducati Works Racers from the 1950's and 60's. Ducati Works Riders of 175cc machines wore a helmet with the blue and white concentric rings. The  original design also carried a large yellow D on the front of the helmet.

The full story of this remarkable machine from 1956 to present day can be read in the 7th and current edition of Benzina Magazine.

Inspired by street racers and street cultures of the past the Davida helmet is available in more than 40 distinctive designs as standard from £225. Even with these true classics on offer you may still lust after you own individual design. An additional £45 is charged for every colour we have to buy in especially for your design. We even provide a design advice service to ensure your flat artwork will work on the dome of a helmet.

For more than 20 years riders have been able to be co-designers with Davida craftsman in creating their own on-off helmet designs. The Davida helmet is a canvas, albiet a beautifully crafted one, for you to bring your creativity to the process and complete the picture.

This is only possible because the Davida helmet is still hand-built in the UK, using the best quality materials available and with every distinctive livery and detail carefully created by individuals who still care about these things.

As with all our helmets, your customised helmet starts with a raw fibreglass shell that is primed, painted and lacquered by hand, by Davida's craftsman at our factory in Birkenhead, Merseyside. Once your custom design has been applied to the shell it follows the same manufacturing process; your shell is fitted with polystyrene liner and finished with our supremely comfortable quilted leather liner. The process for creating a one-off design usually takes 4 weeks to complete, after which you can say that your helmet is not just unique, in the true sense of the word, but unique to you too.

This bespoke servcie is available to anyone. Please contact sales@davida.co.uk to discuss your ideas.

23 March 2012 A great honour to include Umberto Masetti

From the Davida Archive ,  this sketch was hand drawn by Umberto Masetti 14 years ago and sent to us so we could reproduce his helmet design for our Racing Series .   In 1998, having decided to create the Davida Racing Series, we went to Assen for the amazing Centenary TT . A one off event, organised by Ferry Brouwer ( ex boss of Arai), it was the perfect opportunity to see World Champions from around the world racing their original GP machinery and recruit them for our new Racing Series.   The Davida Racing Series is still produced today and features the historic racing design colours worn by 17 racers from the 1960's.   Sharon of Davida did all the research and pulled all the information together to make the helmets,  it was quite a task.   The event went down in history, a great job by Ferry who made the  Centenary TT  event happen, a credit to him, it was amazing. We were there.    

Fid The Lid                 

Davida Racing Series- The Davida Classic does not conform to any current helmet saftey standard.  

9 March 2012 Motoservices Tested the D4Vi9A Winter Glove Test - by Jean Louis Bernardelli, Paris, 2012

Motoservices Summary
"D4Vi9A motorcycle or scooter gloves: winter and spring; they’re cool and chic..."

...Jean Louis Bernardelli tested the Davida D4VI9A winter gloves. “Marvellous” declared Jean Louis at the end of his test, “these motorcycles and scooter gloves use cutting-edge technology which means warm fingers even in cold weather".

"These Davida gloves are, of course, made from extremely high quality very supple leather. Leather is fact one of the only materials that helps a rider to not leave his skin in shreds on the tarmac. These gloves are sewn with Kevlar, which guarantees their strength ... They have a Velcro wrist-closure, elasticated cuff and a zip so you can wear them under or over your jacket sleeves. This cuff also has a second Velcro closure. The fingers are articulated, likewise on the top of the hand, meaning it is easy to squeeze the twist-grips without getting cramp. Because the glove has no pre-formed curvature it is easier to put away. These Davida gloves help fight against the cold, being multi-layered and therefore far superior to just one thick layer. Technology shows through in the design of this glove with a first layer of a thermal protection called Thinsulate, a product manufactured in England, together with a Porelle membrane which is both waterproof and breathable. "

Jean Louis Bernardelli Full Report

"We tested the Davida D4VI9A winter gloves. Marvellous, Classic and pretty as a picture, these motorcycles and scooter gloves use cutting-edge technology which means warm fingers even in cold weather. Numbness, our mortal enemy, meets its nemesis….. 

Davida, an English company that operates throughout Europe, has loads of great clothes for riding a motorcycle or scooter. They came to the Lyon trade fair the JPMS 2012 and they were seen at Moto Legend, with a very original collection of helmets, goggles, gloves and other accessories like the beautiful leather mask that is shown in the picture above.

The details add to the attraction, many of its products, particularly helmets, are manufactured in England.

People who don’t shower the Chinese with gifts and who think of comfort and style are bound to be interesting!

We have chosen, given the season, to test their winter gloves.

Although the really cold weather has now passed us by, there are still plenty of frosty rides to be had out on a bike.

 Moreover, we all know that the Classic look is in for motorcyclists and scooterists .....

So, we checked-out these winter gloves with an ultra-sharp vintage look allied with ultra-sharp technology!

To sum up ….imagine  it’s like having that lovely long lie-in  in your duvet  on a cold Sunday morning, but for your hands! And they are artfully constructed with joints and reinforcements where needed, they are hand-sewn, they are warm when the wind is cruel ... And besides, not very expensive;  And that bit of chic.   All this – and more….

An engineered glove .....

Okay, it’s a leather glove. The only material that helps a rider to not leave his skin in shreds on the tarmac.

But if leather is thick it's rock solid, or if its fine , it is just too flimsy...!

The leather of these gloves however is of extremely good quality, therefore flexible.

These gloves are sewn with Kevlar, which guarantees their strength ... They have a Velcro wrist-closure, elasticated cuff and a zip so you can wear them under or over your jacket sleeves. This cuff also has a second Velcro closure, altogether well-made.

The fingers are articulated, likewise on the top of the hand, meaning it is easy to squeeze the twist-grips without getting cramp. Because the glove has no pre-formed curvature it is easier to put away and (personal opinion) really more elegant.

Good, but the cold?

Multilayer technology and ...

It’s been known for donkeys years that multi-layers are far superior to just one thick layer when it comes to beating the cold ..probably even before the invention of the wheel 5,000 years ago in Sumer, Mesopotamia. Certainly then they didn’t need gloves but we now have further to go!

So, we’ve established that multi-layers are the way to go,  Then, onto the glove, where the technology kicks-in..

First with a layer of Thinsulate, a product manufactured in England, which is actually a thermal protection. With this is added a Porelle membrane, which is both waterproof and breathable. This regulates the  serious problem that if we sweat, then later with the wind-chill factor, everything cools. Rule number one, learned in Quebec on a snowmobile in minus 40; to have warm hands keep your hands dry!

Finally, the nylon lining is a further insulating layer against the wind.

Here's the lowdown.

As already said, the extremely cold weather has passed-by, for which we recommend the Seasmic heated gloves, except for those of you who live in mountainous corners, like the Jura, the Alps, Pyrenees, Vosges, and sometimes in the east of France where temperatures have been slightly below the national average ...

That said, below ten degrees riding motorcycles can bring on numbness....

Well, my scooter does not have sleeves or a windbreak, so it is ideal for this kind of test.

On the Périphérique at around four degrees centigrade (in the wind, it feels downright below zero) in fact, I returned with the rest of me well and truly frozen, yet my hands did not even feel like they had been out in the cold!

I have not fully tested for rain resistance yet, and for good reason as you see every night on TV France is undergoing a winter drought.

I could run them under the tap water and pretend, but I doubt the scientific and legitimate operation of this type of testing.

I can’t really find any negative faults here."

Jean Louis Bernardelli test verdict of the Davida D4VI9A winter gloves : http://www.motoservices.com/accessoire-moto-equipement-moto/gants-moto-scooter-Davida-D4VI9A-2k12055.htm  

Motoservices - D4Vi9A 4505 Winter Glove Review http://www.motoservices.com/actualite-moto/spip.php?breve23722

7 March 2012 Sideburn Issue 10 Launch - Basement 20, Hardman Street, Liverpool 16th March 2012

 Everyone welcome to join in for the launch of Sideburn issue no 10, Basement 20, Hardman St, Liverpool, Friday 16th March 2012 from 9pm. A great opportunity to see the fab band El Torro.

There will be a special pre-party Davida warm up in Liverpool on Friday afternoon with food. Please contact sharon@davida.co.uk for details of where. There is an offer of free accommodation for guests from out of town

27 February 2012 Sideburns Dirt Quake - Saturday May 19th 2012

It's Saturday May 19th 2012, It's Coventry Speedway Stadium, It's a National Short Track Race Event with Stunt Riders, It's Bar, Bands, DJ's, It's a NO BRAINER, It's

.....A RUNG WHAT YOU BRUNG... who else but Sideburn would let you race your road bike with a bit of gaffer tape on the lights on a world class track for 15 quid !!!! Enter your inappropriate Road Bike now, wether it's a R1 or a Vespa and feel the tingle of adrenalin already.

If you're planning to ride and race a road legal Chopper or a Street Tracker there is a special class for these bikes. Only 8 bikes per class so get a move on.

SIDEBURN - dirt@sideburnmagazine.com

STUK - peter.boast1@btinternet.com





14 December 2011 DAVIDA JET get 5 Stars in MCN STAFF KIT REVIEW

MCN staff's bike gear rated in last weeks issue 07/12/2011- Marc Abbott gave the Davida Jet a glowing report and a 5 star rating.

In 1 year, eight months he rode 9,000 miles in his Davida Jet . Click here for Marc's full report. In summary he said " .... there are many years of service left in this ( fast becoming) old faithful.

Yesterday  12/12/2011 we received an email from Marc.

" A short note to let you know two things.

1. A review of my Davida Jet is in the current issue of MCN. It gets five stars.

2. I will be reviewing it again soon, as it saved my life on Friday night. A 40-50mph collision and slide along Tarmac has ended its life, but left me with not even a headache. The broken collarbone I don't think any helmet could have saved!

All the best, Marc "

As Davida customers will know, unlike other modern creations, the more you wear a Davida Jet the better it gets. It's a shame then that Marc's was just coming into its own.

5 December 2011 Rollerburn Helmets now available from Davida

13 hours condensed into 7.5 minutes Rollerburn:The Documentary

Davida has had a long association with Sideburn Magazine, so when they came up with the out-there concept that was Rollerburn it was almost a given that Davida would get involved, particularly given the nature of the beast. Rollerburn loosely combined roller derby, motorbikes (mainly custom, classic and flat-track), skaters, live music and motorcycle artwork.

The main highlight of the Rollerburn event took its inspiration from the classic 1975 genre-film Rollerball starring James Caan as a fierce, fight-to-the-death competitor for the Houston Team, fighting for freedom, in a violent sport against teams from New York, Tokyo and Madrid.

The  main event of the Rollerburn event featured TT Hero Guy Martin, Sideburn’s Gary Inman and comedian Charlie Chuck recreating the films iconic game where motorbikes dragged fearless skaters around a track. Rollerburn created the perfect platform to display the skill, enthusiasm and commitment of two British motorcycling companies, with riders dragging tattooed skating vixens on specially produced Flat Track race bikes supplied by Co-Built and wearing Davida helmets created in each of the teams designs from the original film. Classic British attitude at its best. Amen.

These helmets designs are now available as standard on any Davida helmet from 220.00 pounds (ex VAT)

Part Nos 370 – RB Houston ( orange/red & gunmetal grey)

Part Nos 371 – RB Madrid ( teal green & & gunmetal grey)

Part Nos 372 – RB New York (orange/blue/white & gunmetal grey)

Part Nos 373 – RB Tokyo ( yellow & gunmetal grey)

Helmets will be supplied with poppers as required by raod safety regulations and not as shown. Designs shown are on a speedster but designs can be applied to Davida Ninety Two and Davida Jet. It is not beyond the realms of possibility to adapt the designs to work on the Davida Classic. This has not been tried yet !


www.davida.co.uk          www.sideburnmagazine.com       www.co-built.net

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