Peaks, Visors, Facemasks, Lenses, T-Shirts, Decals

Whether to complete an authentic 70's styling, as a traditional accessory or to create the funky look with the D4Vi9A &4 Bubble Visor or 75 JPV1, we have a range of peaks, visors and facemasks, tailored for our helmets, that look as good as they perform on the road.


Peaks and Visors Once ubiquitous on open face helmets, visors and peaks fell out of favour largely because the materials used weren't particularily scratch resistant. The development of new materials has meant that they are enjoying a comeback as they offer the rider the opportunity to customise a helmet in a highly individual way.

Made from black or brown leather and finely tailored to match the shape of the face and give a close fit.

Checked tape and Davida stickers can be used on Davida helmets as the shell is fibreglass and is not damaged by stickers, unlike plastic shells.

Made from the highest quality cotton and vinyl logos.

Leather Gloves and Facemasks can be found here in our Leather section

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