Davida Racers

Mike Hose, UK Classic Bike Racer 
" I started racing in 1981 on a production Suzuki GT 250X7 which costs me £75....I was 22 when I started, which is very late, and I thought racing would help me stop hurting myself on the road. In my career I have won at national and international level, on racetracks as varied as Seven Sisters in Wigan to Daytona in Florida. My best TT finish was 8th in 2003 and I've won the Classic TT many times. I use the Davida Jet on the road because as a mechanic I need the freedom of an open face to do my job and there is no better".

Rob Gourley, UK Classic Bike Racer 
" I was getting fed up with car drivers and speed traps so the freedom of competition racing was just too inviting. I initially chose a Davida Jet because they are British Made and ACU Gold Road Race Approved. Then having used them in races and on the road I really appreciate the lack of wind noise, the lightweight feel, their comfort and goggle combination... draught free and never mists up... perfect for road and racetrack".

Bill Swallow, UK Classic Bike Racer  
" Whilst at school in 1968 I raced a 500cc Velocette, which I fell off at Goosenecks in front of my Mum ! Built my own frame for the Velo in 1971 and kept racing it until 1975. Bought a featherbed Manx R, chassis and gearbox and raced until 1988. In 1986 I won 1st in the Manx GP on a 350cc Honda and have since won 8 more.Won National Classic Bike Championship on the Velocette in 1986. I am still the fastest person ever on the TT Course on 250/350 and 500cc single cyclinder bikes. I always reckoned I rode harder in an open face and goggles-you can get your head down. My Davida Jet is so comfortable, more flexible...the lightness and quality of the leather lining !".

Norman Hyde, UK Sprinter " As a hard up school boy, sprinting seemed to be the only motorcycle sport that I could afford to do and I could use my day-to-day road bike, a Triumph Tiger 100. After my career with the Triumph Factory I set up my own business, staying with Triumph machines. They have been my life. My best known racing success is with sidecar land speed record at 161.8mph in 1972, but there are other British and World records in 350cc, 500cc, 750cc & 1000cc solo and sidecar classes. The Davida Jet I wear now is in the style of the helmet with which I started riding and racing, but clearly with improvements. It is a modern classic"

John Renwick, UK Drag Racer
" I started sidecar racing in 1962 and won British Motorcycle Racing Club Championship in the first season. I then raced Vincents on British circuits, including the IOM, untill 1973. I earned a living building "chariots" for other riders including Gerry Boret, British Champion and George Odell, World Champion. I started Sprinting in 2001, winning Classic Sprint Championships 3 times and hold all course records for sidecar class. The Davida Jet I use for sprinting is so comfortable and wind-tight, it's helped me extract maximum performance from the machine".

Judy Westacott, UK Sprint Racer
" I started riding when I was 6 years old and passengered outfits from the age of 10, but didn't start passengering road racing classic outfits until much later. Last year after major back surgery, I was encouraged to return to competition again by a friend and try sprinting. As a novice , fellow sprinters think my hand-gear change 1928 500cc Douglas DT5 is a mad choice of machine. It was a lovely surprise to be presented with the National Sprint Association Hand Gear Change Award in 2004.
I adore my Davida Jet Bumble Bee,  although I'd much prefer to race in my old pudding basin ! However, out of all the ACU Gold label helmets I tried, the Davida fitted properly and felt comfortable, making a good compromise between the need to conform to ACU regulations and traditional styling. I think it's important to keep helmet art alive, especially on the race track".

Lotte Demeester, Belgium Rider
" After passing my test 4 years ago I earned enough money working in a pub to buy my first bike. With 5000km under my belt I borrowed a classic MV and entered the 2003 Motogiro'd'Italia and took 20th place.
A classic bike requires a traditional helmet so I chose the Davida Speedster. The view is so much bigger and so nice to feel the wind in your face. I now use it all the time".

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