Design to Fit

Designed for Comfort and Safety

At Davida, we recognise the importance of both individual fit and overall helmet size. Consequently, we have transformed our entire design process over the past few years to produce a well-proportioned helmet to fit a wide range of different head sizes.

We have applied our technical expertise and research knowledge to the development of an innovative new design process. Getting to grips with computer aided design technology and anthropometric  (human head data) has put all of us at Davida on a steep learning curve. The result is a highly effective new helmet and a unique design process for the development of all our future helmets.

We have succeeded in producing a helmet with good balance and weight for all heads, large and small. We use three shell sizes for our Jet helmets together with three liner sizes. These follow the contours of the head to provide six overall helmet sizes from XS to XXL. We recognise the importance of aesthetics as well as fit and have created an authentic classic shape. The initial shell model has been finely sculpted by hand, using time-honoured modelling techniques.

The Davida Jet integrates superior fitting,traditional style and manufacturing into a modern safety product that meets the latest European safety standard (ECE). Worldwide safety standards for motorcycle helmets, such as ECE R22-05,BS6658, operate various stringent test methods to measure impact absorption and retention. Protection is achieved by the combined action of the helmet shell and liner. The head is adequately protected when surrounded by a sufficiently rigid shell and the necessary volume of shock absorbing material.

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